AMSOIL is the best engine oil for your car as well as the best engine oil for my car. AMSOIL Signature Series is the best of the best engine oil for your car, best of the best engine oil for my car. The AMSOIL secret has been spoiled, now more and more people are finding out that AMSOIL, and especially AMSOIL signature Series is the best engine oil for your car and the best engine oil for my car. Or truck, of SUV, or any engine actually.

SAVE MONEY, TIME AND HASSLE with longer oil-change intervals PLUS give your car engine and my car engine the best protection available. Do it next oil change.

AMSOIL is just the best. How long do I want my car to last, especially the engine? What about your car? How long do you want your cars engine to last? As long as possible, right? HELL YEAH! Now especially because the new all-electric-crazy-computer-cars are trying to take over the place. This might be my last regular engine car. And it might be your last regular engine car too. Well, actually until the HHO cars come out-those can run on regular gasoline engines with some timing modifications-and they don’t pollute AT ALL at the tail-pipe either. But right now the robot electric cars are really trying to take over. So better make our engines last as long as possible. Better put the very best 100% synthetic oil in our engines. Nothing is too good for your car and nothing is too good for my car.

Now let’s take it a step further and make it even better. Time to STEP UP to AMSOIL. And take another STEP UP to AMSOIL Signature Series 100% synthetic. How about saving money, time and hassle with longer oil change intervals-like up to 1 year or 25,000 miles. How about that? It has to be sure and safe, safe for the engine. Official, documented oil testing during the term of that oil is the only way to be sure. Time to STEP UP to AMSOIL! Just get the pre-paid engine oil analysis kit and the engine oil analysis pump. And click on over to Oil Analyzers, Inc. to see just how serious this is. It’s a sure thing, it’s serious! But in a good way.

After you get your pump and pre-paid kit, put the hose down the dip-stick tube with the pump and sample bottle attached. Pump out enough oil to fill up the sample tube. Unscrew the sample tube from the pump and screw on the lid. Follow the instructions to fill out the oil analysis forms, labels, and send it off and wait for it to return with your official documented results. Clean the pump and hose with brake cleaner or follow the directions for cleaning.

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Yeah AMSOIL is the best engine oil for your car, and the best engine oil for my car.

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