Driving and driving and driving, stop and go, how can we help the engine last AS LONG AS POSSIBLE? AMSOIL Signature Series 100% Synthetic is your best choice. Not only is it the best, you also get to have extended oil-change intervals so you save money compared to other engine oils! Imagine you win twice with this! FIRST it’s the best protecting engine oil. SECOND you save money because you change your oil less often-up to 25,000 miles or 1 year, OMG! What other engine oil gives you all that?

Save money, time and hassle with longer oil-change intervals PLUS give your UBER or LYFT car engine the best protection available. Do it next oil change.

The AMSOIL secret isn’t a secret any longer. It’s all over the internet, people are finding out AMSOIL engine oil is the best. And AMSOIL Signature Series is the best of the best. STEP UP to AMSOIL. Step up even higher to AMSOIL Signature Series ESPECIALLY IF YOU DRIVE UBER OR LYFT. The best engine oil for driving UBER or LYFT, hot weather or cold, AMSOIL Signature Series will help your car engine last as long as possible!

It doesn’t matter what YEAR, MAKE and MODEL car, SUV or light truck that you drive for UBER or LYFT. AMSOIL synthetic engine oil, and especially AMSOIL Signature Series 100% Synthetic engine oil is simply and definitely the best engine oil for driving UBER or LYFT cars. NO MATTER WHAT YOU DRIVE (except something like a Tesla of course)! Toyota Camry? Yes. Honda Civic? Yes. Kia Sorento? You bet. Toyota Prius? Yeah. Honda Accord? Yes sir. Subaru Impreza? That’s another yes. Subaru Legacy? Yeppers. Volkswagen Jetta? Yes. Ford Fusion Hybrid? Yes again. Honda Insight? Yup. Ford Fusion? Yeah. Mazda 6? Yep. Honda Accord Hybrid? Yes yes. Toyota Camry Hybrid? Another yes. Hyundai Sonata? Yes. Toyota Highlander Hybrid? Yes. Chevy Suburban? Definitely, like all the rest. Nissan Rogue? Yes again. Nissan Altima? Yet another yes. Nissan Maxima? Yup. Honda CRV? You bet. Acura MDX? Yes. Cadillac CTS? Affirmative. Lexus ES 300h? Yes again. Honda Odyssey? Yep. Ford Explorer? Yes? Toyota Sienna? Yes again. Kia Soul? Yep. Chevy Malibu? Yep. Nissan Quest? Yeah. Kia Sedona? Yup. Dodge Caravan and Dodge Grand Caravan? Yes and yes. Nissan Versa? Yes again. And yes, yes, and yes to any other make and model cars or vehicles not in this paragraph.

Yeah but 25,000 miles? Just change the filter once or twice at 12,500 OR 8,333 and 16,666 and top off as necessary to keep the oil level where it belongs.

Sure but engines ain’t cheap. This has to be for sure. This has to be safe for the engine. This is serious. Right. The oil has to be officially tested and analyzed and documented during the term of that oil. Official, documented oil testing during the term of that oil is the only way to be sure. Time to STEP UP to AMSOIL! Just get the pre-paid engine oil analysis kit and the engine oil analysis pump. And click on over to Oil Analyzers, Inc. to see just how serious this is. It’s a sure thing, that’s how serious it is! But in a good way.

After you get your pump and pre-paid kit, put the hose down the dip-stick tube with the pump and sample bottle attached. Pump out enough oil to fill up the sample tube. Unscrew the sample tube from the pump and screw on the lid. Follow the instructions to fill out the oil analysis forms, labels, and send it off and wait for it to return with your official documented results. Clean the pump and hose with brake cleaner or follow the directions for cleaning.

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The internet is full of people. And everybody has an opinion. But actual tests and actual vehicle experiences, many to be found online, PROVE that this is the truth!

Any car. Any minivan. Any engine. It’s the best engine oil for driving all those long, stop-and-go, hot weather with-the-AC-on, cold weather, idling in traffic for hours, freeway miles, and miles and miles. It actually doesn’t matter. It’s the best choice for your engine. Very long oil change intervals-up to 25,000 miles or 1 year. There is no better choice for engine oil for driving UBER and LYFT. This is even more true when you factor-in the saving of money, time and hassle from much longer oil change intervals. AMSOIL makes similarly EXTREMELY high quality automatic transmission fluid too!

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If you want even more information about the best engine oil for UBER and LYFT cars, we’ve got it for you. This link should make everybody happy and do the trick!

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May our engines run forever.

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