Looking for the best diesel engine oil? Right here, and probably some things you didn’t know about it. Yep we’re talking about the best diesel engine oil, plus other important things to know about it, for the benefit of your engine and the benefit of your wallet. Yeah that sounds like two opposing factors. That’s why this information here about the best diesel engine oil is so important and interesting, AND beneficial. There is more than just the best diesel engine oil. How about keeping it the best even with fewer oil changes? How about honest, official documentation of this? Yep, we’ve got all this already done and ready for you and your diesel beast to stop arguing and enjoy.

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Now let’s look into KEEPING it the best diesel engine oil. Yes even after 5,000, 10,000, or even more miles depending on your truck or equipment.

STEP UP to AMSOIL. The answer to keeping your diesel engine oil being the best, especially for much longer than stock oil change intervals, is bypass filtration. The normal, regular stock oil filter must allow enough oil through, for the oil pressure requirements of the engine. Therefore it only filters particles down to 20 microns in size. However, particles from 2 microns in size up to 19 microns in size are still accumulating in the engine oil, more and more with every minute the engine is running. This is primarily from soot from the diesel combustion process.

An additional oil filter, the bypass oil filter, is added to the oil system. It’s called bypass because it only takes a small percentage of the oil flow, filters it down to 2 microns, then drops it back into the oil system. Like the regular, stock oil filter it filters continuously, but its flow rate is much slower than the regular, stock oil filter. It removes almost all of the soot from the engine oil. The soot is acidic and abrasive, so best to get it out of the oil as quickly as possible. Actually, now many regular gasoline vehicle owners are even installing these on their personal gasoline-powered cars and trucks. Understandable since, the cleaner the oil is kept, the less wear from particle abrasion occurs between all the metal-to-metal friction areas inside an engine. Furthermore, with air-intake filters in poor condition or that are not very efficient, particles can and do enter the engine oil from the air intake. Sticking to the oily surface inside the combustion chamber, and on the oily surface of valve shafts, where ever intake (or exhaust) air passes over or contacts continuously oiled metal surfaces of the engine.

For many of us this is new information we hadn’t realized before. Luckily AMSOIL is ahead of the curve yet again! And they’ve got the perfect solution, in a high quality tried-tested-and-true perfected-form available to ship to your door as fast as we can! You can order one for your diesel engine today. Buying the best diesel engine oil is just the first part. Keeping it the best, for even longer oil change intervals is certainly ideal and AMSOIL is ready to ship out your AMSOIL Bypass Oil Filtration System, for your engine, today. Big Rig, Pick Up, Commercial Truck or Equipment, Heavy Duty Construction Equipment, Diesel Concrete Pumper, Diesel Generator, we’ve got them! JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE HOW YOUR DIPSTICK LOOKS AFTER YOU’VE INSTALLED IT AND RAN IT A SHORT WHILE, COMPARED WITH HOW YOUR DIPSTICK LOOKS RIGHT NOW!! You will LOVE the difference. Which one do you want?

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Okay great, that’s wonderful. Next step is to be able to know just how long you can go between your diesel engine oil changes. Bought the best engine oil, keeping the best engine oil in the best shape, {can’t tell by looking at it now that it’s so clear for so many miles (or hours of operation) now how do we find out just how many more miles or hours it’s good for? Put some numbers in a hat, blindfold on, then reach in and pick one? Spin the bottle? Call your 1-800 fortune-teller? Flip a coin? Uh no, none of those options will be accurate in this case.

Official, documented, engine oil analysis during the term of that engine oil, IS the only accurate way. Time to STEP UP to AMSOIL! Just get the pre-paid engine oil analysis kit and the engine oil analysis pump.

After you get your pump and pre-paid kit, put the hose down the dip-stick tube with the pump and sample bottle attached. Pump out enough oil to fill up the sample tube. Unscrew the sample tube from the pump and screw on the lid. Follow the instructions to fill out the oil analysis forms, labels, and send it off and wait for it to return with your official documented results. Clean the pump and hose with brake cleaner or follow the directions for cleaning.

Done! Got the best diesel engine oil. Kept the best diesel engine oil in the best shape. Found out how much longer the best diesel engine oil will remain in the best shape, official and documented results. Have all the necessary tools and information to keep and maintain this new high standard/benchmark. AND, will save money from reduced diesel engine wear (longer engine life) plus longer diesel engine oil change intervals! HELL YEAH! Triple-win!

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May our diesel engines run forever.

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